50 Best Football Managers in the World – 2016

Each year in the world different organizations publish lists on various topics based on various criteria related to football. Although this approach is common in the world, it is unfortunately not very common in Turkey or it does not come to much agenda.

As Joganita, we decided to go out on a new road and organize the "World Football" lists, which we will re-organize every year and present it to the football fans. We thought that some readers who follow the world football should play an active role in order to some people in the preparation of these lists.

That is why we have made announcements to our followers through social media and made sure that our volunteers who want to take part in this project are included in our team.

In this context our first project, here we are with "The Football Managers":

We prepared a list by scoring the technical directors serving in local or national leagues or in National Teams. We used a different method when preparing the list. We have not given the name of any technical director to the project team. The project team prepared and scored the list of football managers in number of 10 people. Thus, we provided a great freedom to the members of the project, who participated in the project, in the universe of football managers. There occured a much more qualified list came to light on this view.

We asked the volunteers included in the project team to create the football managers lists according to the 2 main criteria. According to the order of priority of the football managers;

1- Their success in national / international circles in 2016

2- The performance of the team in the beginning of 2016

The Project Team who worked hard in this beautiful work;

Joganita General Coordinator Cihan Arslan; Türker Metin Onur who writes on points where football touched life in Joganita; Joganita World Football writers Gökhan Kan, Ömer Kürşat Şen, Cüneyt Kurt, Ulas Sandıkçı; The Goal.com editör Süleyman Tetik; League Radio Programmer Ilgaz Cinar; World Newspaper Sports writers Cem Top, Yasin Erkol, Erhan Altınışık, Göker Ersan, Enis Ozturk, Haluk Ongan, Şerif Karal Tanju Eren, Tayfun Özdemir, Emre Şahinler, Omer Küçük, Hüseyin Şen, Sefa Onur Ketenci, Egemen Gündoğdu, Cihan Gedikli, Ahmet Eren Öztürk, Abdullah Yildiz, Ahmet Kamaoglu, Erol Yıldız, Emre Aksoy, Ilyas Bahadır, Sefa Ergün and Mustafa Kurt...

We thank the project team for their kind interests and efforts.

Here is our list of the 50 best Football Managers in the world in 2016


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